About us

SG Global is a facilities-based, wholesale, Voice over IP carrier that is dedicated to quality, competitive pricing, and expert support. SG Global continuously innovates to simplify wholesale telecommunications.

SG Global has year over year growth, consistent profitability, tens of thousands of active customers throughout the world, and has processed over 80 billion calls through its network. Segments that SG Global serves include resellers, inbound call centers, outbound call centers, medical transcription, legal, enterprise, SMB, and retail carriers.

The core services provided are US48 Termination, International Termination, US Toll Free Origination and DID Origination. SG Global maintains an expert team of engineers, developers, sales, support, and management with retention rate for both customers and employees which greatly outperforms the industry.

Our innovative mindset and expertise in distributed systems led us to further develop the SG Global and advanced management platform, providing unparalleled dependability and troubleshooting capabilities.

SG Global continues to expand its' network and services to provide cutting-edge VoIP solutions to Service Providers, Call Centers/ BPOs, and Resellers worldwide.In an industry where carriers come and go, SG Global remains a stable source for reliable, high-quality VoIP service.



"To provide the highest quality Voice over IP services and the market's most aggressive pricing, without the usual hassles associated with wholesale telecommunications."