Call Center & BPO

Our many years of experience in working with Call Center and BPO customers has given us a thorough understanding of your challenges. We have a portfolio of solutions specifically developed to simplify telecom in your industry.

MG Trade has designed our network to handle large call volumes, traffic bursts and large CPS requirements making MG Trade an invaluable partner to the Call Center, Contact Center and BPO markets.

Plagued by Short Call Surcharges?

Find a stable home for your dialer traffic. Significantly reduce or eliminate the penalties associated with short calls. Join many of our customers in not having to worry about the additional cost of short calls or dialer traffic again.

Turn-Key, TDM to SIP

With our Managed PRI Gateway, the transition to SIP and significant savings, while maintaining quality, is literally minutes away. No SIP experience required.

Superior Performance and Scalability

Consistently achieve the fastest call setups, the maximum number of calls-per-second, and the highest call completion rates with our direct connectivity to SS7, efficient routing of calls, and a proprietary Quality of Service algorithm.



Proven Dependability

While other providers are simply Resellers, we have our own network that terminates directly to Tier 1 TDM/SS7 with geographically diverse SIP clusters and fail-over operations at all critical components of our network.

With active customers all over the world, over 80 billion calls processed, and 13 years running, you can surely count on us.