SG Global dedicated itself to perfecting its core services. We believe that maintaining focus allows us to deliver unparalleled service and support. Our passion for quality permeates every aspect of our products. In addition to our core services, SG Global offers unique solutions that simplify wholesale VoIP in many industries.

Our experience in working with customers in a variety of market segments and innovative team has lead to the development of proprietary features designed to overcome the challenges associated with telecommunications in your specific industry.

Termination ( Outbound )


Through a simple SIP hand-off, you receive high-quality, stable and scalable outbound SIP trunks to the United States from a proven provider of wholesale voice over IP solutions.


Access over 170 global destinations through our portfolio of the premium carriers from around the world at low wholesale prices. Our partnership with telecom throughout the global delivers direct access to the destinations your business targets daily. Through a simple SIP hand-off and a single relationship you receive high-quality, reliable, and scalable A to Z termination.

Origination ( Inbound)

Toll Free

SG Global reliably delivers calls originating from the United States and our Extended Areas of Service using our own facilities-based , redundant network. You can purchase toll free numbers instantly from our pool, port in an existing number, or make a vanity request for a specific number. SG Global is its own RESPORG, allowing it to maintain the finite routing controls necessary to provide high-quality and reliable service.

Local DID

Establish customer trust with a local presence while enjoying the flexibility of unlimited usage and the assurance of a fixed cost per line. Local Origination provides the freedom of access to DIDs in every highly populated area in the contiguous United States (as well as Mexico and parts of Western Europe) and the ability to package any number of DIDs and lines together. You'll certainly find numbers that fit your needs and if you already have DIDs, we can quickly port them into our network. 


our DEstinations

Direct Destination Routes

We offer direct routes spread across different continents, we boast unbeatable rates and quality for calls routes in Middle East, South Asia, North America, Europe and Africa. We provide calling routes to the following countries:

    - UAE

    - Morocco

    - Ghana

    - Ethiopia

    - Senegal

    - Pakistan

    - India

    - Phillipines

    - Bangladesh

    - UK

    - USA

    - Canada

    - Sierra Leone

    - Kenya