Wholesale CArriers

Strengthen your LCR table and bottom line with aggressive wholesale rates and quality routes from SG Global.

We offer competitive rates for both conversational (long duration) and dialer (short duration) traffic.Access over 170 global destinations through our portfolio of the premium carriers from around the world at low wholesale prices.

Our partnership with telecommunication providers delivers direct access to the destinations your business targets daily. Through a simple SIP hand-off and a single relationship you receive high-quality, reliable, and scalable termination. Exchange your target list with SG Global today to quickly determine the positive impact we will  have on your bottom line.

Sell Solutions from an Innovative Carrier

SG Global is a facilities-based SIP carrier dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most reliable telephony services. We specialize in developing creative solutions and offering unique pricing models for customers of all shapes and sizes. From high-volume Carriers to Call Centers or Enterprises, SG Global is the solution for your customers.



Partnership Opportunities

SG Global is hand-selecting enthusiastic telecom sales professionals that are interested in growing a reliable income stream. 

We offer very aggressive commissions on all of our products and solutions for the life of your accounts